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Our Unsinkable Oliver Dinghy Boat is perfect for any occasion. Fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and as a yacht tender, are the most popular uses for the Oliver Dinghy Boat. The Oliver Dinghy can also be used as a small rowing boat, as a Dinghy boat with a motor, or my personal favorite, as a Dinghy sailboat. The Dinghy sailboat is a ton of fun!

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Why an Oliver Dighy Boat?

Yacht Tender, Rowboat, Motorboat, Rugged Workboat:

The Unsinkable Oliver Dinghy Boat  is the safest, most rugged yacht tender on the market to row, motor, tow and carry. It tracks perfectly and moves along nicely with a small motor. The Oliver Dinghy is extremely buoyant and  has huge carrying capacity (1,075 lbs to be exact), both in the roomy cockpit and inside it's storage compartment. The Oliver Dinghy Boat (8′ 6″, 140 lbs., U.S. Coast Guard approved as a rowboat and motorboat for 4 people) is designed and manufactured strictly in the U.S.A. to be an exceptionally rugged, stable, unsinkable boat. Its shape allows it to fit on the deck of many cruising sailboats.
This small Dinghy Boat is so stable you can stand up and walk around in it. The Oliver Dinghy Boat has all the benefits of inflatable boats and RIBs (rigid inflatable boats), without the risk of deflation. There is no need for an unsightly, expensive, and deflation-prone RID kit (“dinghy dogs”) with the Oliver; it’s an unsinkable boat, with built-in buoyancy.

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Small Recreational Boat for Sailing, Fishing, Hunting, Diving, Snorkeling:

Unlike Inflatable Boats, the Unsinkable Oliver Dinghy Boat is a joy to row. It can be rigged out as a fun sailing dinghy. It’s a safe and fun recreational sailing dinghy for the whole family.  It’s stable and nearly impossible to capsize, but if you do somehow manage to (please send us  a video), it’s very easy to right, and comes up dry. No need to wait for rescue as with most recreational dinghies. 
Since the Oliver Dinghy Boat is so stable, rugged, and tracks so well when rowed or motored, it’s also a great fishing boat  or duck hunting boat, and a great platform for nature photography and any type of diving. The Oliver Dinghy Boat is also really great for snorkeling near the shore line since there's no danger of anything ripping, or puncturing the Dinghy Boat, unlike Inflatable Boats.

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