Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Site Actually Looks Different From All The Other Sites I've Visited, Why Is That?

That my dear friend, is because we at Oliver Boat don't copy and paste like every other generic site in the long list of stores on the Internet. We also design and make a lot of our own products, so to us here at Oliver Boat, we take it very personal when we make a sale. 


I Just Purchased An Oliver Dinghy Boat, What's The Best Way For Me To Get It Home?

We at Oliver Boat recommend making an account at and set up an auction for it to be freighted. On average our customers save about $250 using It's fast, reliable, and best of all, It's free. Our address is :

14025 sw 143 ct.
Unit #28
Miami, FL. 33186

Please feel free to Email Us! if you have any questions.


Where Are You Guys Located?

Good question. We're primarily based in the United States. Florida to be more specific. 


Do You Ship Outside The United States?

Yes we do!  

Do You Sell Wholesale?

Yes we do! Email us for details (